Jul 16, 2012

10 year Anniversary in San Fran

Tone decided that he was going to plan our ten year anniversary and surprise me.  So he arranged with my parents for them to take the kids to their cabin for a fun three days while he took me to San Francisco.  He left me this note on the counter about a couple hours before we headed out.  Isn't he awesome!  Tone has never stopped being romantic in the ten years we have been married.

We had a room with a view overlooking the ocean and a clear shot of the airplanes landing.  It was surprisingly clear the days we were there.  Summer on the coast usually means it's socked in with fog.  I should know.  I grew up on this coast and knew enough to pack my wool coat and sweaters.  It was a nice break from the valley's 100 degree heat wave over the fourth of July.  After cursing the fog the whole time I was growing up, I was loving it last week.

That evening Tone planned to go to Top of the Mark.  It's at the top of Nob Hill and has 360 degree views of the city.  We arrived right at sunset.  We drank overpriced martinis, gawked at the strange assortment of people around us, and had an appetizer and dessert.

 The next day we woke up and Tone wanted to walk the Golden Gate Bridge. Let me restate.  Tone woke up and bought me coffee and breakfast and red nail polish from CVS because I had remarked that I had forgotten mine.  I was still in my robe waking up when he got back.  He is so incredibly thoughtful.  It was a clear day, but windy, so it definitely required jackets.  It's funny, since we grew up only a couple hours from San Francisco and had been there many times, but we still decided to do the traditional touristy stuff.  So we hobnobbed with the Germans, Asians on a American tour, and every other race and language known to mankind.  Seriously, I think we were the only people speaking English here or American who cared.
 One other excellent point to point out.  It was the 4th of July and no parking meters and times were being enforced and since the city was on holiday, there wasn't any business traffic to speak of.  So parking was relatively easy this day.  And we totally scored the whole day long on spots just opening up.  The clouds parted, birds sang...the...no not quite, but if you've ever been to the city, you would know how magical this was.

 Seriously, if I lived in the city, I think I would get a Vespa.  There would be no other choice but to drive around with one of those half golf ball helmet things and be a nerd.  And maybe a little car that wasn't a stick shift.  The hills here are incredible and guess what kind of car we have?  I made Tone drive.  If I had to drive those hills, the clutch would never have made it out alive.  He was impressive with his mad clutch skills and didn't kill it once.  A couple of times, I may or may not have clutched the door handle and prayed while he parallel parked on a steep hill too.  Mad skills I tell you.

 So the cable car lines are long.  Note to self: they don't save you time, they save your feet.  After walking over that hill twice thinking maybe we'd catch the car at a midway point (which never panned out because the cars are seriously the slowest mode of transportation ever), we decided standing in the line at the bottom was worth it.
 Another note to self:  Pay attention to the signs on the side of the cable car.  We hopped on the wrong one which took us on the wrong route.  We hopped off on the top of the hill and hiked down to our car on the steepest street in San Fran totally defeating the purpose.  This street is next to the famous Lombard street which is so steep that the cars have to switch back down.  Only this street is even steeper and so the road can't go all the way up.  You have to use the sidewalk.  I actually didn't mind walking all over because the houses are all unique, old and incredible.

 Did you know that the traditional gift for a 10 year wedding anniversary is tin or aluminum?  What the heck?  We put in ten years and I'm supposed to gift something akin to a roll of aluminum foil?  I guess it takes a lot of years for marriage to mean something nowadays.  So then I thought, well, I'll make and frame a cool graphic from different metal letters found online in a 12x12 frame.  I thought, I'll find letters that look like greyish colors or old metal and I found a some great metal pictures that I put together in photoshop on a graphic grid.  But the thing is, I'm a sucker for color.  So by the time I got done playing with all those letter and number options, all I had left was one token metal letter "T".  I still thought it was pretty cool after it was framed in a 12x12 shadow box.  I say it TOTALLY still counts.  Here is the print I made.
 Not to be outdone, my romantic man decided to go the tin route also.  He put ten $10 bills in a tin for me to spend as I wish.  Since we are really on a budget, this is a big deal, and am almost paralyzed with the thought of how best to spend $100. It was a totally great gift and very creative. 
 We love Thai food and decided we had to have it for lunch.  So we did and it was amazing.
Then we realized it was running late, we still had to drive back to our hotel, get changed for dinner and a play  at the Orpheum theater, and that we were going to drive right by our restaurant on our way out just to turn around and come right back.  Um, this would be right after we jumped on the wrong cable car and had to book it down the crazy hill. Kind of comical right?  I lit-er-ally got dressed in five minutes.   I was SO not going to miss dinner or the play.  Luckily the outfit was easy.
So we ate at this place called "The Stinking Rose" where the punchline was "we serve food with our garlic".
That's right, someone had to sit next to me in the theatre after I gorged on garlic.  And I so did not care.  The food was amazing, and I figured I had mint gum on me and extra deoderant.  So I was totally covered.
Aren't these booths pretty cool?

 Yep, we spread roasted garlic cloves on our dinner bread and then proceeded to put down a whole crab stuffed with garlic and a ceasar salad.  I'm so dainty when I dress up and go out on a dinner date. Nope.
 However, there really wasn't much time to do much savoring.  We were running late and I have never been to a really good play like the one in San Fran or New York and we were not about to miss it.  So we booked it.  We managed to find parking  four blocks away with 15 minutes to showtime.  At this point I may or may not have pulled off my red heels and ran in a sprint down the main Market Street in my little black dress and polka dot nylons. Let me just point out that San Fran is not the cleanest of cities and the sidewalks are pretty bad.  I was being twinkle toes to miss the nasty parts. Oh yes I did without a single hole in my nylons or damage to my feet.  I know.  Call me amazing with no shame. We totally made it in time.
 The show currently playing was Green Day's American Idiot.  We missed Les Miserables by two weeks.  Whatever, I still thoroughly enjoyed it since I happen to know all the songs thanks to Guitar Hero on our Xbox.  Do not mock me.  Tone and I were kinda wondering though how those elderly people next to us were enjoying it....
 The set was a grunge set with the band on stage the whole time kind of integrated into the set with the actors acting around them.  We had fun.  After this, we left and stayed out at a dueling piano bar until 1am.  Again, I know.  Give a couple a little freedom without our their kiddos and they turn into Par-Tay animals.  Actually, I had one whole beer and we sat in the back and laughed at everyone else.  Such party animals.

The trip was romantic, a surprise, and totally fun.  We aren't overly cheesy people so places like The Stinking Rose and a Green Day play was actually right up our alley.  Mostly though, I just enjoyed the thoughtfulness that Tone put into it to show me that he loved me.  After ten years, I think he has become and still is growing more thoughtful, more loving, more in tune, and even more fun than the day we married. Is such a thing possible?  Truly though, I never get tired of doing things with him, going places, having adventures and being married to him.  He has the biggest heart turned towards the things that matter and I know that I am cherished by him.  I have such high respect and regard for him and hope I continue to become better and better at being a wife that brings blessing into his life.
Happy Anniversary to us!


  1. What a lovely surprise! It looks like you guys had a fantastic time.
    CONGRATULATIONS on your 10 years of marriage!

  2. congrats to you both! lovely pics

  3. How romantic and fun! I'm kind of jealous. Btw...you are adorable and can you please teach me how to dress?!?