Jul 25, 2012

Why I haven't been a busy blogger this summer

This is where we have been hanging out most of the time.  Here is one day documented by my sister Krista. A day without our boat since Tone was working.  We almost didn't know what to do with ourselves. 
 There are tons of little froggies that we caught and let go in our garden.

 Hunter even caught a little fish.  With his bare hands people.  You can pretty much just call us the rugged mountain people now.
 Hunter doesn't really let you have an option on whether you will be sharing your towel.  Or sunglasses for that matter.
 I forgot my sandals this day.  All in the sake of "cuteness".  Who cares?  I really just wanted my ugly water sandals so I wouldn't get a fishhook in my foot when I walked in the water.

The call of blogland, or the call of the lake?  Pish.  That's an obvious one.  Tone and I are seriously kicking around buying a little mobile home there and granny-ing it up with pink flamingos.  We practically live there with our boat already during the summer.  You know want to mock me for my white-trash-ness for stating that right now, don't you?

But secretly, I think you are jealous.


  1. Hahaha...white trash-ness! You crack me up! I think we all have a little white trash in us from time to time.

    Your sister looks awesome and I can't believe it considering she had two babies less than a year ago. I might be a little jealous.

    Like mother, like son! It's rather impressive that you've both caught fish with your bare hands!

  2. I figure you are enjoying your last month before going back to work... if you can keep up the blog while you parent, run an etsy shop, AND start back to teaching, then I am really going to be amazed. But please, NO NEED to impress me! SOOO many more important things in this life. Love getting caught up, though :) I will be praying for you in this upcoming school year!!