Aug 26, 2012

Ainsley's childcare and my first week of work

So this last week, I've been a very busy girl with Monday through Friday being first week of work before students.  First school day is tomorrow!  I have readjusted to getting up at 6:00am so I can leave the house by 7:00.  That in itself is a major accomplishment. You really have no idea. I do not do mornings super well and never have.  Proverbs 27:14 says, "He who blesses his friend with a loud voice, rising early in the morning, it shall be counted a curse to him."  I mean I'm just saying.  It's a good verse.  I'm kind of a "give me my space in the morning, actually, go ahead and give me a wide berth" kind of gal.  I NEED that half hour drive to school that I get. The sunrise was spectacular the first three days of work with the clouds looking almost identical all three days and just like this picture below.  I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed a sunrise rather than a sunset.  I'm also pretty sure that Tessa likes going to her daycare so much, that there may be a slight preference to go there rather than stay home.  I said slight because of course the mommy in me does not want to admit that Tessa might be having more fun with someone other than her darling dear mother.  But sadly, I think that that is a true story so her daycare situation is a definite win this year.
I wrote last week that Ainsley's after school care was really problematic.  There are still some kinks in the plan, but at least we found her a good place to go through a loooong grapevine of people.  It's a few blocks from the school at a lady's house who has been doing daycare for years and has had a lot of teacher's kids.  That's all well and good and Ainsley will love it there I think, but Ainsley has to ride the bus to get there.  That's when the mommy in me starts to freak out a little bit.  Putting my baby on a bus and sending her off to go somewhere is hard for me.  But you know, I'm a pretty easy-going mom and Ainsley is excited to ride the "fun bus", so I was about ready to put on my big girl pants and get over.  In no way will I freak out in front of Ainsley, so I'm talking up the bus like it's the most amazing ride on the face of the planet so she doesn't get scared to ride it by herself.  For the record, she isn't.  So this little bus scenario is already bothering me, when things starting falling apart a bit and the kinks started to come into the plan.  You see, this lady has two little ones in her daycare and can't leave them.  The bus lets off on the wrong side of the street from her house at another elementary school (she lives directly across from it).  She can't come across the street to get Ainsley and Ainsley can't cross by herself.  I've tried every avenue I can think of to try and get Ainsley those 60 feet across the street and haven't come up with anything yet.  The school is not willing to help with that, I'm not sure that the bus driver will walk her and I'm pretty stymied at the moment.  I guess we'll see how it works out this coming week, but four phone calls and contacts later trying to figure it out and meeting dead ends, I was about ready to cry.  My baby is getting off the bus at another busy school during pick up and drop off time and there is no one to make sure she gets to where she needs to go across the street.  The lady will come out of her house and to her front gate and can see Ainsley, but there is no one to physically cross her yet.  So once again, I am praying that my baby is taken care of and trusting God to take care of that.  Her first day to ride it Tuesday, and I asked my principal if I could leave school and follow the bus. I will be doing that for sure. Perhaps I can find someone to walk her across, I don't know.  At any rate, I know it'll get figured out somehow, and Ainsley is pretty excited with just about everything.  This school wears uniforms, so we have been trying to piece it together, but pretty much everywhere is out of stock.  Here is Ainsley modeling her uniform the day we bought it.  She's pretty excited.
We spent most of this last week in training because the district adopted new English Language Arts curriculum.  I swear I have eating, sleeping and breathing these darn lesson plans.  
My classroom is finally ready enough for kids on the first day of school, though as you can see, I have not brought in books for my classroom library and what you can't see either is that all six of my computers are just a jumbled mess.  I had six brought to my room and it's just a spaghetti mess of cords and confusion.  Another time, another day will be spent crawling under the table plugging things in and sorting the bajillion cords.  I'm sure that day will be pleasant.  But the rest of my room is cute, functional, and ready for kids.
My favorite part of teaching is the kids and some of the creative aspects, so I have gotten some of the creative juices flowing, but I am mostly just to eager so meet my students and start loving on them.   I want to start teaching already!  Those trainings got long and overwhelming after a while. 

I treated my kids to one last playday before school starts.   We went to the mall to try and find the last pieces of their uniform and we got there when it opened to beat the crowds.  Crowds, three children, and long lines don't mix.  The reason should be so obvious if you have any sort of dealings with children. So we got in and got out quickly.  The last stop was ice cream and then we stopped at the courtyard to play in the water spouts.  Yeah they totally wore their swimsuits to the mall under their clothes so they could play in the water spouts.  Sometimes I'm a cool mom and think of things like that.
Anyhow, I'm sure I'll be posting soon with first week of school pictures and report of how it is going.  

I'm sure it will all be so long as we exclude the first hour of my morning.

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  1. Jenny, that first day you follow the bus, get your hands on a real live crossing guard/ school personel. The school may not be able to officially get her across, but there should be plenty of teachers and staff and big kid crossing assistants to help one sweet little blonde cross the street.
    You think that's scary - my sweetie is going to the big bad middle school. I am talking it up the same way you are with the bus and not letting her know how freaked out I am! Our prayers are with you friend.