Aug 18, 2012

Aye yi yi!

So I have been in my classroom this whole last week which means that any creative endeavors have been devoted to classroom setup. We officially have the students a week from Monday. Next week all of my in-services and teacher work days start so I had to get my blank room which only some odd furniture shoved in there in tip top shape.   It looks miles better.  I'll post pictures later (that means I haven't taken them yet). I have a HUGE room which was formally a 5th grade room.  Bigger bodies, bigger room.  Not complaining, but blank walls that have to be covered seem to go on FOR-EV-ER.  It's such a cute 2nd grade room now though if I do say so myself.  And I do.  Because I did it.  Every single dang wall, and two of those days I had my kids with me.  Yes, indeedy, which means I might just be super human.  There I was with a large piece of paper hanging down over my head with a stapler in hand trying to bang in a corner of it with my arms stretched up as tall as they can go, while a kid is yelling at me down below, "Hey, Mommy! I'm hungry!"  Again? True story.

In other awesome news,  I managed to get both kids transferred to my school this last week as well (Hunter has been on the waiting list) so that was wonderful.  The downside was that Ainsley's after school care fell through this last week.  So here I am in a new school, in a new community, where I know not a soul, with no daycare for an hour after school for Ainsley while I fulfill my after school duties.  I've been on the phone with not much in the way of leads.
Let me tell you something funny in the way our brains work.  When everything works out, we think, well God must have wanted me to do this.  When something pretty major falls through in a tight deadline, all of a sudden we start doubting that message that we formally thought was pretty clear. So today while I was on the phone trying to cold call people who offered daycare, I felt like God was asking me for a lot of trust.  I mean, where will I send my daughter for an hour and a half after school?  I am pretty picky about where she goes and who she spends her time with, and now I'm down to calling strangers. What am I doing?????!!!

 I  pulled Ainsley from the our neighborhood school the day before school started here (our district started this week) and then discovered there was a problem with my school which starts in one week (so a week and a half later).  I'm pretty sure I can't get her BACK in our neighborhood school because there was a waiting list and now school has started. I know she could go to Tessa's daycare if she went to our neighborhood school, but two kids at two schools on two schedules is not in the plan. I sort of started to panic today.  But then I heard God say, "Didn't I ask you to put your children at your school?"  And the answer was, yes, I have always believed that from the very beginning.  I feel like God excels in testing our mettle and resolve.  A kind of "Abraham" moment, where He is asking for my child and will I give her.  Do I believe He has already found a place for her though at this moment in time, it's looking like it's not working out? I believe He loves showing up at the last minute and in a crazy way, but today I allowed myself to doubt and have a "Mommy panic" moment.  So tonight, I decided to quit panicking and carry on as I know God has a plan in all of this and go school shopping for their classroom supply list.  As a REAL test of faith, I even got Ainsley part of the school uniform they have to wear at my school.  But then again, I am also weak at times, and so I also left the tag on.  I should probably go and rip that tag off as I sign of my faith or something amazing like that. You know, like a "True Hero of Faith" moment!!! Maybe. Whatever, I'm just not that into it.  That would involve diggin' through the bags to find it.  The realism and laziness in me just spoke, people.

See those boxes?  I've unloaded and put away about 30 of them.  This blog post may trail off at any moment when I fall asleep at the keyboard.
I managed to fit in two last fun summer fling days this week.  We had our last day at Wild Waters water park. We get passes there every summer since it's close to our house.  The kids did not want to leave.  Ever.  

Tessa is pretty bold and will go down all the big preschool water slides without any fear.  Some of them are way over my head.  She's pretty amazing.  Hunter and Ainsley have become much better swimmers this summer and Ainsley finally loves the water and has become a little fish too.  FI-NA-LLY.  Basically, I think she just caught on that if you aren't swimming, the rest of us are, so you're going to be pretty bored.  It's better to just jump in and go for it.
Hunter cracks me up when he "lays out".  He gets cold and loves to soak up rays.
We also had one last boating day.  Good bye boat for this summer!  It's still hotter than blue blazes and normally we would be boating until October, but the reality of a job has just bitten, and now we are done.  Tone is not off most weekends so that's that.  The sunset was gorgeous on our last day since an odd storm kinda blew through briefly. This picture is a fitting last day tribute. I know, I know.  Boo hoo, violins and all that.  
Okay, I'm over it.  
Here we go to an excellent school year.  Right? Right?  Oh boy.

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  1. What a big classroom! I will be praying that childcare works out soon and your stress levels go down. I vividly remember my mom taking us to "help" set her classroom up too and it usually ended with one or all of us sitting in time out for being naughty while she was trying to work. You are going to have a wonderful year!