Aug 26, 2012

Calendar time

So this whole year I have been using this awesome little printable calendar from Creative Mama.  It was a free download and looks so cute on a clipboard hanging up by my kitchen table.  Being that a new school year is starting up, I thought I would check and see if she had her 2013 calendar out yet.  She did!  I got excited!  Then I looked closer and NOOOO!  She oriented the page this year landscape so it won't hang on my clipboard.  So I made a knockoff.  It's true, I loved it that much.  I don't think mine is as fancy, but I certainly had fun creating it tonight on photoshop.  And I totally credit her, so go ahead and check her's out because her's is better.  And if you aren't hanging yours on a clipboard, then the orientation won't bother you and you can have a pretty calendar for free.  Anyhow, I'm ready for the school year with a pretty calendar to boot.  Here is just the first couple months to show you (I'm still using the rest of this year from Creative Mama's).

P.S.  My classroom is done, lesson plans ready, after school childcare worked out for my own kids, and I'm ready for the kids on Monday!  This is why I am able to sit and think like mundane things like pretty calendars and such.

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  1. You have no idea...I've been scouring the blogosphere for a calendar oriented portrait style for my notebook! Do you have more?