Oct 7, 2012

Gone fishin

My dad took my kids and I fishing yesterday.  It was a first for my kids who had never fished before. We drove up to the lake because the rivers aren't flowing this late in a dry year.  Hunter had his new fishing pole, and we were armed with worms and power bait.
 Unfortunately, the fish didn't want what we had to offer.  Dad likes to fly fish, usually in rivers.  I asked him to show me how. Let's just say I need a little more finesse in my cast.  But it was fun!
 Hunter caught a lot of weeds.  He kept at it for quite a while.
 The girls played in the water, climbed rocks, played with a bucket of little toys, and made sand castles.

 Can you see the little guy?  Please tell me if I should be embarrassed or proud.  This is not one of those "you should see the one that got away" stories.  Nope.  This little guy was it for the day.  We quickly let him go free.
 At the end of the day, all that was caught was a tiny 3 inch bass.  I happened to catch it with the fly rod, but it didn't matter.  Whether we caught anything or not, we had a super fun day.  We finished it off with lunch in town and ice cream.  The kids had so much fun and so did I.
Hunter got home and has been showing everyone he can how far he can cast, his new fishing pole and his "tackle box" full of fishing odds and ends.  I would say the day was a smashing success -fish or no fish!

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