Oct 21, 2012

My curtains were a wee bit bright...

I haven't had that much time for crafty around here.  I did manage to sew and put up some super bright curtains.  With the light shining through here you can't tell they are SUUUPER bright.  A lot more than I envisioned.  So it's probably a good thing that I embrace color.  Here they are on my windows side by side.  There is a half circle window above the curtains on the left that is totally getting blown out here in this picture.  But needless to say, this room gets tons of light which I love.

They work just fine over the window by my dining table too.  I have them all tied back with twine.  I lie to myself sometimes and tell myself I'm going to unclutter this side table between the couches.  It's never actually going to happen, because I happen to like everything on there, so it's just a "feel better" about my clutter kind of lie. What? Oh yes, that chair IS still totally propped up on blocks until Tone can fix the front legs.  I like being ghetto but calling it "thrifty vintage" to make myself feel better.
Why do I have two long curtains and then a valence?  Two good reasons actually.  For one thing, the tapestry I bought and cut up to make them only allowed for three strips no matter which way I tried it.  The second reason is also practical.  I don't hang long curtains by a kitchen table where little sticky hands can yuck them up.  Ew.
 I would also like to point out that since I took these photos, I have decorated for fall and the bright quilts and pillows have been switched out out for wool throws and darker colors.  I've also switched out flowers and put up leaves, crows and pumpkins.  But I seem to be running a day late and a dollar short these days so  why retake the pictures?  I took them a couple weeks ago totally meaning to make a blog post.  It totally didn't happen obviously.

One other news of note.  This little one is potty trained finally.  It only took all summer and a month, but she is.  She also likes her doggy.  She has two of them and doesn't care which one, but one must be with her at all times, even for sleeping.
Oh, and if you are two, the best place for your doggy's stroller is on the couch.  She is quite certain about this.

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  1. I love your new curtains! I'm feeling behind too and I know this is just a phase, but it is killing me.