Dec 1, 2012

November Insta Pics

It's December 1st.  Let's take a blitz trip through November via instagram shall we?  
Tone went on a backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon with his Dad, nieces and nephews.  He sent me this picture.  It was supposed to rain on them as you can see.  Even snow.  Thank you, but no, not for me.  I guess they had fun though.
I took the kids on to march in the Veterans Day parade.  There was a lot of standing around.  Though Ainsley was as cute as could be marching in her little vest with her flag. Tessa was pretty much a pain to corral for that long.  So when it got to this weekend and both of their scout troops asked them to march again (and it was pouring rain), I promptly shut that down and and decided a jammie day at home was loads better (and it was).

Hunter won "Writer of the Month" for his class at school this month.  He was thrilled to be getting an award.
We had Thanksgiving with the family up at our family cabin, which included loads of baking beforehand and during.  I did all the sweets.  I love to bake and hate to cook.  It's an oddity I know, but this little arrangement worked for me.
Knowing we would need to kill time, I brought up the sugar cookies and let the kids frost them up there.  It was a great afternoon quiet activity.  I'm always looking for those since wrestling on the couch and screaming like wild banshees is usually my kid's activity of choice these days.
This text actually happened.  I call this an emoticon fail.  But I ask you, why the heck DO they have a dragon on a plate emoticon?  Please explain the holiday where you can actually use this one.
This is my hair these days.  I am practically turning Amish if I don't get a hair cut soon.  I don't see that happening with my crazy school schedule.  Sigh.
I took this picture of myself up at the cabin.  As if a braid would corral all of that nonsense going on in the back.
Me and my gang.
So we came back, and I was not really wanting to be back at work after five lovely days at the cabin.  But then one of my English Language Learners made this little gem of a Venn diagram and totally redeemed my day.  I almost died laughing at the inappropriateness.  Just to clarify, they were both wearing "TIGHTS" that day.  She was so dang proud too and in every other way, she did pretty good.  Don't worry, I did NOT explain to her what she wrote or show any sign that something was wrong.  But inside, I was DY-ING.
We decorated our house over the last couple of days.  I made a nice little Merry Christmas banner, the blocks say, "It's a Wonderful Life" and the wreath I made has JOY on the top. Such nice little sentiments, yes? Tone decided "Merry Christmas Freaks" on my chalkboard would be just the needed touch it was missing.  That little extra touch will be leaving...pronto.
Lizzle our Elf is back and up to his usual nightly antics.  The kids love seeing where he will be and what antics he will be up to next.  We love the imagination of Lizzle.
I thought that since furniture is different this year, we couldn't put our large tree in our main living space, so it needed just a small one in there.  Our live large one is in the front playroom.  This little fake guy was brought home, put together, and deemed a totally Charlie Brown scrappy excuse for a tree.  Tone asked me if I spent more that $5 on it.  I did.  Shhh, but juuuust slightly.  You get what you pay for.  I slapped on lights, beaded garland, icicles, and all of Tone's airplane ornaments.  I get him new ones every year and he's approaching close to 40 of them now.  It even has an airplane topper.  Hey, Tone, you know that tree you were mocking?  I bought it JUST for you, sweetie!  Sorry Babe. Tree failure.
It's totally the thought that counts, right?
Moving on here is our lovely big tree which is full of the rest of our ornaments, mid-decorating.  Most of them have a toy or toyland theme in primary colors, so we have colored lights and bright beaded garlands and red icicles on here too.  Nobody ever accused me of not loving color.
My sister's comment on this picture was great.  She wrote:
"You know in movies where you see that professor's house with the piles of books and random things in every corner?  That is your house....Not a bad thing, it's pure awesomeness.  I've always wanted that look but can never quite acquire it.  That type of random doesn't even have to be arranged...the eye wanders from object to object. A new treat in every corner."
I about died laughing.  By the time I read the last line, I knew her sarcasm was in full force.  I think it had something to do with the two globes and piles of books in the background here.  
The truth is:
She is right.
My house is straight up pure awesomeness

Once you get past the laundry pile, dishes in the sink, toys littering the ground, and paper stacks.
It's pure random awesomeness if I do say so myself.
But I'm probably the only one who thinks so.

Yay for December!  Another month down and one of my favorites coming up!

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  1. Hands down my favorite part about this post is the tits comment. Hysterical. I read it aloud to Addison and he died laughing along with me.