Dec 8, 2012

Rainy Day Pics for Friends

Did a little photo shoot.  The sky decided to dribble rain all day, but we decided a rainy day photo shoot would be fun anyways, it was the only day we had and it ended up being not that wet while we were taking pictures.  I kinda always wanted to do some rainy pictures anyways because I think umbrellas make great props.  Here are my favorites though there were a lot more keepers from the day.

Anyhow, I wish my camera was not an entry level.  I will not drop $5,000 on a camera body, but I've pushed my poor little Cannon Rebel as far as it will go.  But I think I did alright with the equipment I have, even though I see too many glaring problems with quality to ever want to go pro, without upgrading.  I don't think I will ever.  I'll continue to take photos for friends who ask, but otherwise, it's just a fun hobby for me.  These are some of my best friends, so since the price was right (ahem, free), they didn't mind.

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  1. We love our pictures!!!! Thank you again for the fun day. I know Marty had fun :)