Jan 21, 2013

We went to Disney World

 The second week in January was spent in Disney World for five days and one day in Legoland.  It was our big fling for this year.  It was warm enough for shorts most of the time, and we had such a fun time as a family.  The kids declared it was the BEST EVER!  But really for kids does it get much better than that many days in Disney?  We met characters, as I had made them autograph books to take, but mostly we found that that sucked up too much time and we spent our time riding rides.  I think the most we waited was 25 minutes.  We enjoyed going and staying late and then sleeping in the next day until super late.  Most people left after the fireworks which gave an hour or more (depending on how late it was open) to ride empty rides.  Perfect.  Therefore we tried to just stay on West Coast time.

 At this point I am super tired and I have the darkest bags under my eyes ever.  We basically went until we dropped most days.  Luckily we brought two strollers which the kids took turns in.  Even Hunter needed a break sometimes.
 This picture cracks me up.  Hunter was clearly enthralled with Mary Poppins, and I see here that he feels the need to put out a manly vibe.  The picture before and after this, he standing with her and he is splitting the hugest grin ever.

 We were last in line for the day to meet Belle and Tessa fell asleep.  She walked over to the stroller and did some poses with Tessa.  This is hands down my favorite picture from the trip.  How cute is this?!
Ainsley and Tessa decided they needed to wear Cinderella dresses.  The spent an agonizing amount of time before we left deciding which princess dress from their vast collection they should wear while we were there.
We met up with my step sister and her husband who live out there and have season passes.  They knew all the good stuff about the parks.  For example, they told us the back way into Magic Kingdom so you can avoid paying the $15 parking fee. It's good to know the insiders, eh?  And then they surprised us with the treat of dinner at Biergarten restaurant.  The girls loved dancing to the folksy German music there.  They showed us the best spot to watch the fireworks too.  We enjoyed our time with them a lot.
 I made the girls jumpers to wear while we were there, and for Hunter I made an appliqued Mickey R2D2 Star Wars shirt.
 Here we all are in our red outfits in front of the castle.
Tessa is very into Dumbo and Winnie the Pooh right now.  Therefore, I think we must have done these rides about a million times each for her.  The fact that they had a Dumbo AND and Winnie the Pooh ride (her two greatest loves) just sent her into two year old heaven.
 We hit all four parks and for Magic Kingdom we went two half days and a full day.  It was great.  We watched the firework displays at the three parks that had them, caught some great shows at Hollywood Studios, enjoyed a full day at Epcot, and saw what there was to see at Animal Kingdom (where we had dinner at Rainforest Cafe).  The last day we spent at Legoland.  While Hunter loved it, there was not as much for the girls to do.  Since the height limit on everything there (even the tiny preschool rides) was 36" and Tessa is 34", there wasn't anything she could do except play in the play areas.  That was pretty lame.  The park is not run near as well as Disney. Luckily we had coupons to get the kids in free or it would not have been worth it. I guess you just can't really keep up with Disney if you are anyone else.

 We did enjoy looking at the whole towns created out of legos and all of the statues and figures they have around the park.  The girls are looking through a sharks mouth here.
 Hunter really loved getting to ride his own car around a track.  This was the first trip where he wasn't afraid of big roller coasters.  He rode all of them at  Disney and also at Legoland.  In fact, his very favorite was Space Mountain which is crazy fast and in the dark.  He rode it four times that day.
 I think this look by Tessa pretty much sums up the whole trip for all of us.  LOADS OF FUN!

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