Apr 14, 2013

The Mini Yard Tour

I seriously thought about posting this with the title "The Two Allergy Pill a Day Yard".  In a supreme act of irony, one of my biggest hobbies is working in a yard I am allergic to.  This morning I was up with the sunshine, drinking tea and discovering that this was going to be one of those rare but fabulous "good hair" days.  So I put on my 50's styled sun-dress with the strawberries on it, put on my red high heels and popped two pills to make sure this was going to be a great Sunday.
I worked in my yard yesterday and today since it was in the low 80's and I'm just putting the finishing touches in so I will have a rotation of blooms going all through the summer.  I am truly addicted.  Plus, I subscribe to the philosophy that plants can be crowded.  In fact, they should be spilling over each other in a riot of colors.  I follow very few rules in my yard.  I try to follow height rules, so that it starts low and builds up behind, but even those rules get broken here and there.
My kids don't really love to help too much, but they sure do love to look at all the new plants that are blooming and help choose where to place new plants and I always let them pick the colors.  Today we put in the marigolds and geraniums.  I plant them with violets so that when the violets are finishing, they are just taking off and last for the rest of the summer.  
Hunter is especially loving my irises which are going crazy this year for some reason. I split them last year and gave a bunch away and they are still spreading like crazy.  They are planted with gladiolas so that when they are done, the gladiolas start.  I'm a thinker like that with my planting.  So in some ways, yes, I do plan things out.  I told my little helpers, who were helping me pick a bouquet for the kitchen table, to smile.  Hunter thought smelling the flower would make for a better picture so he is doing a dramatic pose here for me.  Of all my kids, Hunter is most delighted with the yard and always has been.
My little pink roses are climbing the fence and my arbor like crazy.  It's so mixed in with my honeysuckle, I could never separate them apart.
 I have wild sweet peas growing all around.  They smell wonderful.  They also are special because we vacationed with my family for several years at a mountain lake where these grow all around.  I carefully gathered seeds one year, and sowed them in my yard where they just took off.  You have to be careful about containing them though because they spread prolifically.  I don't mind somehow.
I really love my arbor but this thing has become a monster.  We are always hacking at it with the hedge trimmers, and now casts quite a bit of shade which is good because this side of the house gets full sun all day and we don't have a tree planted in our postage stamp size of a yard.
 My arbor from the side.  You can hardly see my back fence at this point.  My neighbors have grapes and another variety of honeysuckle which has grown over the top and drapes down.  I seriously don't complain.  I hope they never cut it.
This rose is so mixed in with it.  I absolutely love it.
 Even though my yard is pretty, little people do run and play here.  I was dodging a little person the whole time I was taking pictures.
We have a fire pit too.  Tone and I like to sit out here occasionally with a drink after the kids have gone to bed for a "date".
If we turned around though, we would see the play house and grill.  When we moved in, we extended the cement and did the curved walkway around our veggie garden on the back of the house.  You can see our artichoke and lemongrass bush sticking out back there.  There are also herbs, two tomato plants and a berry bush.  That orange tree in the pot we've had for three years.  And we haven't seen an orange yet.  It's taking up valuable real estate so it better start producing soon.  I'll give it one more year.

There are tiki torches in those beds too, though hard to see.  
I didn't actually work in the backyard today except to check out the new shoots coming up where I planted summer bulbs.  The spring bulbs have now finished.  So moving on to the front yard, here we go:

 Hello and welcome!  The front yard gets all the shade and is significantly cooler, so today we spent more time on the front porch.  We played a rip roaring Lego board game on the table there (in which Hunter and Ainsley made it there goal to make sure Mommy lost).  I was ganged up on, and so I lost of course.

My irises are going along the walkway, and my roses all have buds.  I love my two rose trees there.
This lavender variety is a favorite of mine.  It's hard to find in stores I've discovered.  In fact, I haven't seen it again since I bought it five years ago.  I love it more than my other lavender bushes and it's a huge bush with prolific, fragrant blooms that last a long time.
 I ripped out something that was were that little teepee is. Today I bought the dowels and planted a clematis under it to climb it.  I think I need a little height back there until my toad lilies grow up and take over.  Yes, toad lillies are a real thing and they are spreading.  They are the coolest little polka dotted purple lily on tall stalks that bloom late summer.

 Everyday this greats me.  Everyday, I delight to see it.
 These irises are special because they are from a splitting from my Mamaw's garden.  A garden I was never allowed to touch, but was always itching to.  Now I can touch all it want. Ha!
 Mr. Frog is always out there playing his horn.  I have a bunch of little animal sculptures hidden here and there in the front and back.  They are a big favorite of my kids as well.
 Hunter got this bird feeder at Boy Scouts and I just got around to buying seed for it today.  He's been bugging me for quite a while.  Today, he got out his binoculars and sat about five feet away from the tree just waiting.  Unfortunately, since this has just been hung, no birds knew to show up to dinner yet.
 So there you go.  A tour of my yard.  I think I barely even scratched the surface.   Bring on summer when I can sit here and watch the kids ride bikes and sip iced tea.  I have even have a rocker for you to join me.
 Stop by any time.


  1. I want your yard to be mine. Can you please come to Kentucky and make mine all pretty?!?

  2. Such a lovely garden! I love picturing Hunter sitting there with his binoculars, and the girls must have so much fun with all of the pretty flowers.

    Do you know which variety of lavender you have? I'm obsessed with lavender :) Haven't found something hearty enough to live around here, though.

    I remember garden tours from previous years...always such a joy to see what you've been up to!

    ♥ Bethany