Jun 29, 2013

Bass Lake Happenings

The annual Bible study group camping trip was again this last week.  We went up to Bass Lake, and somehow bribed the boys (aka the hubbies), not to bring the boat.  Don't get me wrong, I love our boat, but not with a huge group and little kids because not everyone fits on the boat, and those that aren't on it feel pretty left out.  So we sat on the shore, ate tons of food, and played in the water en mass. By day three our little girls' hair was all pretty aweful, so we braided all of them.  Lined up oldest to youngest, I think this may be my favorite stinkin' cutest photo to date of our girls.  How cute are they?
 Did you see our littlest got added in this one?  Her hair is still too short for braids.
 Those three boys of ours are all pretty outnumbered.
 I picked the camping place this year sight unseen.  All that green back there?  Poison Oak.  Great job, Jen.  Great job.  And there were bears roaming the camp at night and snuffling around our tents.   I didn't care having gone camping with bears many times before, but some others in our group had major freak-out moments.  The only problem was that they didn't provide bear boxes for our food.  What kind of second rate camp IS this?  If there are bears, state campgrounds almost always provide bear boxes.  So the poison oak wasn't cleared at all, and there were no bear boxes.  Second rate, I tell you. Second rate. While I do love Bass Lake, I do not recommend their campgrounds.  Many other gorgeous state campgrounds around do a far better job at this.   Here is our kitchen set-up.  Why yes, we do bring extra tables, and a full on grill.  We also bring three extra kid sized picnic tables so everyone can have a seat in the same general area.  We've definitely learned through trial and error everything that we need for four to five families to go camping together.
 The beach area was right across from our campground, so we went down to the water everyday.
 Smores were enjoyed at night.
 It was pretty fun.  Complete with warm weather, swim suit wedgies and all.

 By the end of the trip, we reaked of Deet, sunscreen and wood smoke.  That smell is unique to camping and when I open up the camping bins each year and that smell wafts out, I get nostalgic.  Let's go again!
Some people don't do dirt camping in tents with kids.  While it is a ton of work, there is nothing like it for making memories.  We absolutely love it.  We keep bins packed with all the essentials so it's quite easy to pull them out and have everything right there for next time.  It's one of our favorite yearly family trips.

Jun 23, 2013

RIP Google Reader

If you are a follower on google reader, well, that's going away on July 1st along with your google reader feed.  Bummer!  So I switched to bloglovin, and it transferred all of my current blogs that I follow for me very quickly.  It was an easy switch, and now I can rest easy that I won't have to re-find all of my favorite blogs to stay up to date.  I'm now on bloglovin too, so if you wish to follow me, click below:

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Jun 21, 2013

Summer, so I'm officially back

School FI-NA-LLY ended on the 14th.  I fully intend to do a post on how the year went, yada, yada, but for now, I'm just enjoying being back in the land of the living.  Not that I'm not exactly doing nothing next year.  Oh you know, because I'm me, I fully booked up the whole next year before school was even out.  I took on two little part time jobs, joined a homeschool co-op, decided to help run a Good News Club, and you know, practically keep myself running nonstop again.
But it's SUMMMMMMER people, and I am fully enjoying exactly what that means!  I have been to the water park twice, already road tripped it for a weekend to visit family, went to an amusement park for my girl's birthday's, I'm going camping in the near future, and tonight I visited the local farmer's market with my sister and Liam.
Oh yeah, and by the way, she totally had her baby which I totally did not blog about.  And he's the cutest little thing ever.  I will get to that.  I have post plans.  Never fear. Liam definitely deserves his own little post.

But for now, I am focused on the fun of a farmer's market two minutes from my sister's house.  It was a warm summer night, a lovely time laughing with my sister and walking around and eating.  Let's be honest.  Eating tri-tip and fries off a street vendor is pretty much amazing.
 Although she swears her corn dog was to die for.
 Ainsley lives for fries which she believes should be it's own food group.  I mean....I get it.  And water tastes better with a straw, with ice, and in a cute mug.  It's true.  I don't know why but I like this one.
 Lot's of people set out chairs near the country band so they could sit out and listen.
 I came away with blueberries, white nectarines, and peach flavored local honey.  Though these blackberries were some of the biggest I had ever seen.
 Antique shops were also walked into and browsed.  How could you pass them up?  Well, we didn't.

 Ainsley really wanted to dance.  She had to convince Tessa who stood for about two songs in the middle, frozen, sucking on her shirt.  Then there was a little swaying....then she was in full "attack the song" mode.  They were dancing themselves into a frenzy, and I finally had to pull them away when my sister's black jeans were screaming "I've had enough sun already!" and Krista was about to melt with a little baby carrier acting like a heater attached to her front.
The band and dancing was a big hit.  We may just go back next Friday.  Besides Hunter is kinda mad he had to go to Boy Scout day camp at the fairgrounds a block away and make marshmellow shooters, and shoot guns, and do funny skits, and make hovercrafts instead of going with us.  He just MAY be able to convince me to make it up to him. Just for his sake.

Sounds like he had a rough time.