Aug 11, 2013

11 years baby

So Tone and I were kicking around what to do for our anniversary this year.  The nice thing about being married to a pilot is that you can decide literally the day before, hop on a plane and go.  So I did.  I left my kids at the cabin with my parents and went.  There was a little snafu with the flight because I fly standby and it just happened to be the day that San Francisco shut down because of the plane crash, but I did manage to snag an empty seat on two San Antonio.  Why there?  Tone was flying out of there and Austin so I just met him at "work" and then we stayed an extra day.  The hotel was on the river walk and paid for because he was "working".  We both got in around noon from our flights and then spent the day walking around the river walk.  The nice thing was that he just had morning flights and had the rest of the day and evening to do whatever.
(Meanwhile, back at the cabin...)

First stop was lunch on the river.  And margaritas.  I'm addicted to them in the summer.

The next day Tone had to fly a couple flights and he was finished in Austin.  So I rented a car, drove up there from San Antonio and met him there.  I picked up that dashing man in his uniform and went straight to lunch.  BBQ of course.  And also, I like to catch people off guards when their mouths are full apparently. Babe, you're welcome.
We had dinner on Lake Travis at sunset.  It was pretty, but we also drove around and checked out the million dollar mansions around the lake and imagined who could possibly live in them.

 Then I had a little photography 101 session with Tone. I was trying to explain journalistic photography and how you don't have to smile for every single picture or whip around and pose if you see me hold the camera up.  This point was totally lost on Tone.  These were his "I'm acting natural and not smiling per se" poses.  Uh huh.
 Clearly, we'd better skip the whole journalistic thing and go back to smiling.  This subtle point was completely lost.
 I am in my after dinner slump, sporting a food "baby" belly, and looking altogether ah-ma-zing after a particularly hot day in Austin.  Not one of my better photos, but I'm proving that I really was there on this anniversary dinner.
 After that, went downtown to a piano bar until the wee hours and then back to San Antonio we went. We hung out the last day in San Antonio and went to a movie and the mall.  This may not seem super romantic to you, but we were kid-free which means I don't ever shop or see a movie without little people about.  Which means I don't go to the movies.  Ever.  I dressed up the last night for a crab dinner, but carried my high heels and wore the sandals after realizing I didn't want to walk the mile river walk in tall shoes.  So the high heels never actually made an appearance.  I'm super glad I carried them all that way in my purse ya know.
 This picture is called the one "in which the timer goes off before I get in place and end up looking very very awkward". But I mean my hair looks good.
 Hey looky! I made it in place this time and Tone DIDN'T get pushed in.  Picture accomplished.
 We had a wonderful time laughing, talking, dreaming, and being friends.  This guy really "gets" me.

Hey babe!  Let's do several more years, OK, because we really have the most fun ever.  In the most random places.  Plus, you're a romantic hottie and I hear those are hard to come by these days.

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