Aug 13, 2013

My day planner

This year I am gearing up for a very busy schedule.  On top of homeschooling, I am also taking on a couple of part time jobs and volunteering in several programs that my kids are in.  I have a lot on my plate. 

1. I will be coordinating the kids program for my church's campus (we have four campuses for our church and I'm heading up the one in our neighborhood - which involves going to work on Tuesday mornings and Sunday nights). Tone will be "teacher" on Tuesdays.
2. I am doing a co-op with other homeschooling families and will be teaching some writing classes along with volunteering in my kid's other classes there.  I am creating a writing class that will be a resource the other families can use so it's a bit of work.
3. I am also helping start up a Good News Club in a friend's school and a Bible study group with my kid's church friends. 
4. The Lifegroup we lead at church is going to be going through a semester of Bible class studying the New Testament which requires some homework each week for myself. 
5. I also have some personal goals this year.  I want to get into an exercise routine. I want to keep my house cleaner and on schedule. 

So I needed one place to organize all of that craziness.  Remember this desk I showed you?  See that binder on the right?  My life is currently living in there.

 The cute little printable hankies that I found, printed and glued down to the cover can be found here from
 I keep some pens and pencils in there along with my email list of volunteers for the kids program in the side pocket and some thank you cards.  Always carry blank notecards.  I have found that I'm always dashing one off for this or that.
 So what else is in there?
I used this printable from and printed one for every two weeks to keep myself straight. I find that I am always thinking of things that I have to do, people to call or email, and this keeps it all in one place.
On the back of this page I have a blank note taking page.  It seems if I am going to be so busy, I just might want a blank lined page for whatever. I just found a simple one online and there are tons you can choose from in google searches.

 I also used this one from for my weekly calendar.  I printed a page with it front and back so I would have two weeks on one page at a time.
I like that this has kid's activities and dinner plans here too.  I don't like having a separate menu page. I want it all there when I flip it open.
What else do I have in there?
An exercise interval routine that takes just a few minutes but works me over. I just follow this printout.

I have a year at a glance calendar that I got from here in the very front. She has a sampler freebie and it was in there.
I also have a cleaning schedule.  I like this one from the  It's just a good reminder of what should be done daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.  I also have a schedule that I have created on my own with what I need to do everyday.  I've done it before and it worked out semi well.  We'll see how it goes.
I also have blank plastic page sleeves in the back so I can put schedules and papers from my kids programs and events.  You know the papers that have the list of all the baseball games that are scheduled, or parent contact sheets, etc.  I don't want to be scrounging around later for that ONE paper that I just can't find.

The one thing I do NOT have to put in here, thank goodness, is a bill paying page.  Thankfully, I have a husband who takes care of all of that bill stuff that I hate.  I just try to be conscious of our budget and stick with it.

This is not my plan book binder for school.  That is a separate binder that lists what days we are in "school" and what, exactly, I am teaching everyday.  I also created that myself and made spreadsheets since nothing I found fit me exactly.  I could share it but it's not fancy and crickets would be playing on my blog.   I'll pass. 

Tell me if you use a planner and what pieces do you have that you can't live without.  Did I miss anything?

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  1. I'm checking out that cleaning schedule. My house has gone to crap and I've got to figure out how to get it back together. You're going to be a busy lady this fall, but it sounds like a good kind of busy :)