Aug 18, 2013

My siblings

This last week my brother and wife were visiting from Washington DC where they live and it's rare that all four of us siblings get to be together and hang out.  We spent three days up at our family cabin at Shaver.  It was nice that all the schools had started and so we pretty much had the lake to ourselves. See the picture below.  See?  Nobody here on what is usually a crowded beach area.  Oh, that stuff?  That's all us.  Taking over the whole thing.  My family doesn't do "little".
We used to camp for a week in the Sierras every year growing up so this felt familiar.  Only better.  This trip involved having mattresses, working toilets and no tent set-up.  And when the mosquitoes or bees are bugging go inside.  There are definite perks to cabin living.  Thanks for that purchase, parental-units. Liam was the newest little person to join us his year.  We did our best to show him a good time and wear him out.
 Tessa loved pounding on him.  In her truest form of love, of course, but the girl does not know gentle.  I'm surprised he's grinning at her here.  She probably hasn't thumped him yet.  I'm sorry to my sister for the little terrorist we are raising.  She really loves him.
 It wouldn't be a family vacation without some mishap.  This year it was provided by my brother-in-law on the rickety stairs down to the front door.  That then involved a late night run to the hospital, a bad sprain diagnosis, crutches, and "Game Over" for Thomas.  I think he wore the perfect shirt.
 The gang's all here.  I'll just let the picture speak.
 We had a lot sun soaking, boat riding, card game playing, last summer fling fun.  Let me just explain a little thing here.  I was born into the right family until the game playing part.  You have never seen a more competitive group.  There is always a heated debate and much smack talk. It's loud, it's rowdy, there's a ton of laughter, and where most everyone's fun memories dwell.  Growing up, I loved the whole fun day until the card playing part and then I had to weigh whether I should suck it up and join, or bow out and go back to my book.  My book often won.  Which always made me feel like I was missing out because of all the loud laughter going on, but when I'd join, I was usually not enjoying it, but pretending that I was so I could be a part.  I like games...actually no...I like puzzles and figuring things out, but I hate competition and "winners and losers".  The perfect "game" to me is one in which there is no competition and everyone works together toward a common goal. Or creative vs. strategy games.  I really don't like strategy games. I don't know, maybe I'm just a "rainbows and puppy dogs" kind of sappy-sap person. (On a side note, they were all excellent athletes as well.  I did ballet, art and music. If I didn't look like my mother I'd swear I was adopted.)  Oh the dream of a game like that happening in my family is a big FAT CHANCE.  We should have been Italian.  There is no refuge in my husband.  He just might be the loudest of all. Ha! At any rate, it's the card game memories that stand out strongest to me in all of our family vacations, and of course this last week was no exception.  I even played a little.  But mostly I watched, and laughed hard, and then went back to my book.  Some things never change.

I love this crew of Stover kids.  If we weren't loud and full of banter, we wouldn't be us.  We're all very different, leading very different lives, but connected by some very strong similar bonds.  It'd been way too long since we had gotten together. Two and a half years!  Shameful.
And also, when you have a brother this tall, I always make sure I stand next to him in the photo.  I look a lot thinner all of a sudden.  Strategery.
Thanks, Josh.
Katie and Krista, this idea was mine first.  Called it.

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  1. I typed up my comments to this post while sitting in the nursing room at church this am then it all disappeared, so here's the condensed version:

    This little vacation sounds similar to the yearly trip that our family takes. I think all the other guests at the resort are relieved when we leave! That's awesome that your parents picked up the cabin. Cabins make everything better, then again I'm not the camper type.

    Tessa is to Liam what my niece is to James. There's just something about baby boys that little girls LOVE. I give Liam and James another year or two then the girls will be running from them!