Aug 9, 2013

Summer Chillaxin'

It's summer.  We do stuff.  I don't really blog.  My days at the lake, the water park, swim lessons, at the cabin, camping, BBQing, having playdates, and whatnot don't really leave time for blogging.  We play hard, we get home, I crash. That's summer in a nutshell.  My house is trashed.  And I mean TRASHED (before I did a major purge/clean this last week because I just couldn't take it anymore)!  My "good" camera rarely makes an appearance.  I live by my iphone and instagram.  Here is an instagram photo dump which seems to sum up my summer pretty well.

In July we had a major heat wave.  I ventured 10 feet into the outdoors, and my makeup was sweating off, and my deodorant started rebelling.  Classy.  So for a week we hunkered down indoors or went someplace (anyplace!) with water (water park, lake, or friend's borrowed pool - we didn't care).

Daddy was teaching the kids to do flips off the back of the boat.  We love swimming off the boat.

Several days were spent this summer up the hill at our family cabin.  Nothing better than hanging with family on the back deck in the evenings.
In case you all were wondering why three girls are curled up in a mini swimming pool, this one day at the cabin, three of the six kids were too sick or tired to go to the lake.  This was our substitute.  Truth.  These girls seriously got gypped.  Annnnd, they're still smiling.  Kids.  So easy to please sometimes.
A little hammock time with my sis under the pine trees is a wonderful thing for the soul.

We have a new kneeboarder this year.  Two kids down, one little girl to go.
So last year I wakeboarded, did a fantastic face plant doing absolutely nothing but going over a wake, chipped a tooth, lost a lot of dignity and didn't really want to get back on.  I finally did pony back up, but cautiously.   See the thing is, I pop right up on a wakeboard and then really don't feel all that comfortable to want to do tricks.  I prefer a good kneeboard, myself.  But here I am: proof that I really did get back on the thing.
Rounds of card games were played.  My family LOVES card games....except me.  Never have.  For years on family vacations my siblings would be gathered around the table playing cards for hours while I was curled up with a good book.  I can hold my own, but somehow, it's just not ever been all that fun.  I don't know why really.  I played a bunch with them this summer, but after a while, I would bow out and go back to my book.  Their favorite game is "Domination".  It's OK.  I even won a bunch the first night...but still a book will win out, hands down, if I have the choice.

The kids took swim lessons with friends.  Here they are laying out after a half hour of being worked over swimming back and forth across the pool.  Ainsley can swim now.  Hunter can swim really well now and is learning all the strokes.  Tessa has no fear but can't swim.  That's not a good combo. Two down, one little girl to go.
So there you go.  Summer in a nutshell.  I have more blog posts planned but for now....I'm going back to the last few remaining days to soak up rays.

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