Aug 25, 2013

The Playroom Poster

 Remember when I showed you this picture of the playroom?  I just wasn't sure yet to hang on those pretty gold boards next to the clocks. I thought maybe school work?  Nope.  Mind changed. Today I thought of what I wanted up there.  I've been meaning to frame this puppy for over a year but haven't been able to find the right frame or place for my house.  It's going here.
 Isn't it lovely?  I just love the words.  You know I've been thinking a lot lately about need vs want.   I read a news article today about the war going on in Syria. Last week my sister-in-law remarked that when she spent a summer over there a few years ago, it was such a beautiful people and country.  Today I saw pictures of children killed with nerve gas.  My brain did a little shift in perspective.  What does this have to do with a house rules poster?
For a while, we've kicked around moving in a couple of years to someplace bigger.  Which is fine, but not when it makes the current place you are in look too small, or makes me fall into the "what we have makes a house a home" game.   Because it doesn't.  The people who are streaming across the border into Iraq want one thing. Peace, safety, a place to make a home.  What home am I making for my family?  I have been granted peace, safety, and a house.  It's my job to make it a home.  I do not want to squander the peace I have been granted on the alter of "want".  I want a home.  It welcomes all.  It screams of happy, meaningful moments in the pictures and items around the room. There is a place here for all.  We respect all, are considerate of all, it is a haven for all who enter.  There is joy here.  My home is a gift, may I focus on the things that matter.

I think sometimes we deny ourselves of beauty because of guilt. We become a sparse, cold, shriveled up form of the Gospel. We ask, "Should I have it when other's do not?" and deny ourselves. We often error on the side of denial or gluttony. Sometimes I ping pong back and forth not really sure what the true response to my surroundings should be.  I believe that the Gospel explodes with beauty and creativity, but this is not based on materialism.  I think many people believe beauty can only be bought. The best brand, the best quality, the bigger house.  It becomes a "deserve" mind game.  So I ask, Why do I have this or that?  Did I deserve it?  That's the wrong game to be playing.  No one chooses where our little red target of influence will be placed when being put on this earth.  Deserving, or, not deserving.  The truth is, what we have doesn't seem to be based on the type of humanity I am. The deserving and undeserving, from my limited viewpoint, seems to be pretty mixed up with what you actually receive from life.  As humans, we all long and try to create a home.  Some are able to create it, some are stripped of the chance.

It seems to me that my duty and gift to God and humanity is to make the most of what I have been given but to not exploit it for my own means alone.  That seems a tricky balance and one only each person can answer for himself.  For myself, today, it means not dreaming of bigger houses and kitchens that are grander than the builder grade I have been given.  It means taking that beauty and creativity and skill that God places in each one of us and seeing what I can do with the raw material. From home decorating, to meals, to the atmosphere in our home, how can stretch the gift that has been given to me to it's fullest? For me, it means sticking red contact paper on tiles so that I see a happy kitchen without taking money to replace cabinets and countertops.   It means rejoicing in beauty and creating it around me without equating that with something purchased or more expensive. It means hanging up a poster to remind us all of the kind of home we want to create together.  I do not mean to say that there is not a time to paint cabinets, get a bigger home, or buy something nice.  But I am saying that our heart should not be lying to ourselves saying we deserve it.  It means seeing those things as gifts from a God who lavishes love on us, and not falling into a "grass is greener" syndrome.

 But, Oh, I can be so guilty of it sometimes.

So I hung a poster.


  1. I love that poster. love that you pinned it right up and didn't frame it with something fancy. love this entire post.