Aug 12, 2013

The Playroom

I promised a post on the organization that went on in the playroom, music room, library, art gallery, and school room.  Around here we just call it the playroom.  This room has to work hard to be all of the above.  So if you thought there was an assault on the eyes when you saw pictures of our living room, you haven't seen nothin' yet.
It's directly to the left of our front door when you walk in, with a big open entry and no way to close it off, so I try to keep it neat, but mostly I'm just chucking toys in there all day to be cleaned up later at the end of the day during daily clean-up.  So here is the first picture of the room.  The front windows have twine strung across it for our art gallery.  We just clip it up with clothespins and keep a rotation going all year. Most of our school books are kept on those white shelves along with coloring books, markers, crayons, and part of my children's book library.  I hung clocks from the four time zones that Tone flies in with airport codes above them (San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, New York).  Along with that we have tickets and pictures of his grandma's flight to LA when she was young and a flight chart/map of the bay area from the 50's.  
 Then I rethought and put the yellow learning clock down below where the kids could actually reach it next to their globe. Sometimes I'm a thinker like that while I'm taking pictures, ha.  You can see Tone's drum set is in the left corner and my piano to the right.  Yes, we can play and it's not just for looks. You can also see the brown shelves where the rest of my children's library lives. Toys and blocks are pulled out of those bins daily.  Usually this room is covered with blocks and a network of "roads" and "houses".
  You see those cute little pinterest ideas for children's books that display about 10 books total and they call that "storage".  Posted in those blogs are mom's who brag that books are important and so they proudly display their whole children's library on open shelves, fronts facing out. Yeah right. That would never fly around here.  I have HUNDREDS of children's books (preschool through young adult fiction), and I'm still almost out of shelf space.  The chapter books are stacked in two rows thick. That tall fabric thing is Hunter's teepee I made him a while back.
 My sis gave us an old TV this year that we mounted in here for the VCR and DVD player.  It's not connected to cable or gaming devices, but they love to sit in here and watch movies on the rocker and bean bag chair.   I spy a little someone in the picture below playing with her castle.  There was a blank space on the wall and I needed some bulletin boards for school hung up.  So I spray painted these gold and up they went.  They were given to me by another homeschooling friend.
 I just happen to like them in gold better.  We'll be hanging up learning prompts and other school related things on the these boards throughout the year. I think they finish off the space nicely.
 I just thought I would give you a look at the bins that hold our school supplies.  I had bought a lot of them for my classroom (working a low income school, I think I had only 4 kids actually bring in stuff from the supply list we gave out).  So I have a lot of scissors and rulers!  I hope they stay organized!  I did this a couple months ago and so far, so good. Pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, rulers, flashcards, colored pencils, white erase pens and erasers, tape, glue, brads, paper clips, tacks, rubber bands, staplers, bookmarks, ay yi yi!  We're set!
Ok, so we're ready to do homeschool.  And life.  And music, reading, art, playing, exploring, relaxing, and everything else that goes on in this busy home. Hoo boy.  What a year this will be.

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  1. I'm in love with the clocks! Will you please come help me organize my house???