Feb 7, 2014

Drip Drip

Parched.  Our state is parched.  We have spent most of January with temps in the 70's and worry about a record drought.  But this week saw rain. Sweet rain.  I hear it trickling around the edges of the roof as I type this.  Usually, during this time of year the rain gets me down.  I think I suffer a little from that seasonal depression syndrome. However, this time, this year, I am enjoying drippy jackets and little people coming in with wet pants, prune feet, and soaked socks that have to be peeled off after stomping through puddles.  And also, one son who likes to ride his bike through them as fast as he can.
Perspective.  What a difference perspective makes. Rain usually means dark skies and frizzed hair.  Today I slapped a new hat on my frizz ball braid and was thankful.  
And you know, in between dark skies, we had another warm day and Ainsley begged to sell lemonade on our busy street.  California is handing us a lemon of a drought this year, but leave it to my sunshine girl to turn it into lemonade.  She made $10 for her cause.  It wasn't much, but she happily gave it and felt very happy about her little stand in the big wide world.  Little drips of rain count in this drought just like little drips of lemonade count in the drought of Africa.
Drip. Drip.

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  1. But really, aren't we all this way? We don't have much to give, especially in comparison to this "big wide world" but if more of us took a cue from Ainsley and gave what little we had cheerfully instead of worrying that it won't be enough to truly make a difference, I wonder what kind of a difference it actually would make! God multiplied the little boy's fishes and loaves for a VERY large crowd! I trust He will multiply Ainsley's gift and any of ours that are offered in sweetness of spirit.