Aug 25, 2014

Hunkered down

The world seems to be in chaos does it not?  I don't watch the news, but I am far too addicted to other social media sites and it just seems that the bad news keeps on swinging every time I open the computer, app or phone. It's made me hunker down lately and change up my routine of life which is very unusual for me.
I'm kind of a creative, head in another world deeply pondering, kind of soul. Sometimes I often seem to float with no anchor or feet on the ground in my thoughts as I ponder theology, world problems, creative ideas and lofty ambitions.  I'm an odd one I know when it comes to my thought life. It's hard to explain how mundane tasks in the real world don't always reach my mind and I don't always notice messes or care about great meals and housecleaning. I deeply notice people, emotions, conversations, colors, impressions, stories and get caught up in projects and ideas. It's as if the basics of life (cooking, cleaning, even eating) don't always register on the scale of importance to me though I always wish I could do much better at all of that.
But you know, the basics of life, anchor you.  There is something to be said for an honest days work in your own home.  From creating a meal from your own hands.  From mopping floors, laundry, scrubbing dishes, dressing children, putting away messes.  It clears the mind.  It can anchor you in the basics of life.  The building blocks that tie every person and culture together on this planet.  We all eat. Sleep. Care for our families and home.  We have the same physical desires for food, clothing, rest, safety, and companionship.
So though my natural tendency is to care very little about messes and cooking, I have been a homemaker lately.  It's been clean and picked up.  Better snacks and meals have been regularly made.  Laundry has been done.
I've enjoyed my yard and my morning cup of coffee more than usual.  We've slowed down, gotten into our homeschooling groove, we've been home and in a routine.  We haven't scurried around from this place to that place.
It has kind of always seemed to me (oddly) that because I have been blessed and am living richer than much of the world, I should be doing something bigger with my time.  It has felt selfish to sit and enjoy it, and rather subconsciously, I have felt guilty to focus much on it for just myself.  So I have had people over a lot, I had arranged my house to fit our guests rather than for those of us living here, and I have just plain not focused much on making the housekeeping part of my day-to-day living.
I know about stewardship.  That I should take care of what I have been given.  And I have, but I would not say keeping up my home has ever been a strong point for me.  I am not sure that it ever will be.
However, I am learning that keeping a home is also lofty.  It is not selfish to enjoy what you have been given.  It is ungratefulness to not enjoy a gift.  I am learning to get my feet on the ground and that mundane, daily, continual tasks are where some of the biggest tests of character and resolve come into play.  My response to bad news and chaos is usually to spin my wheels. I begin to feel more ungrounded and desire to do something bigger. My mind spins and I'm more distracted.
This time, I have hunkered down.  I have decided to enjoy what I have been given while it has been given to me.  I have chosen to focus on the day to day.  Not as a sign of disregard for the ache of the world, but as a sign of gratefulness.  Gratefulness for a chance to serve my family.  Gratefulness to God who is God of all. 

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