Aug 21, 2014

In full swing

We are in school now, full steam ahead.  I've taken a few photos of our first couple of weeks and am posting them.
This year we are learning all things zoology for science.  I found this clock that plays a different bird sound every hour (not too obnoxiously loud) and the kids have been enthralled with it.  It's hard to hear when there is much noise going on, but they literally come running and shush each other to hear the sounds every hour.  It's been a big hit.
I've also put a new laundry system into play.  So far so good.  The laundry room is to the left, the kid's rooms are to the right.  This fits perfectly at the end of our L shaped hallway.   There is a big laundry basket next to the washer and laundry door just out of view here that all the clothes get thrown into when they are dirty. I wash a load or two each night and sort the clothes into the the three baskets.  Each kid has a color.  In the morning as part of their morning chores and independent work, they have to fold and put them away.  They all can easily handle this and I can handle just one load a night and put away our own clothes.  By the way, I have a check off chart on the fridge with their morning chores and independent school work that they have to complete each morning on their own to begin the day.  It's a serious lifesaver to me.
The reason it's a lifesaver? I'm a slow starter.  I leisurely get my coffee, and do a few things that I need to do before I'm ready to start school with the kids.  This usually happens around nine when we all join up at the table to do work together.  And possibly even 10 am some days.
This is the spot where we do our school.  All the books are sorted by child into plastic bins nestled in the basket on the floor.  The metal bins on the wall are for all of us.  They hold science, history, Bible, readers, and teachers manuals.
They each have a spot on the window sill for their school supply bins and Tessa has her pocket chart there which we use almost everyday.  In between my apron collection - which doesn't have near as much function until fall when it finally cools down enough to do a lot of baking.
I made playdough.  I daily thank my lucky stars that my hubby put in laminate flooring through the main area of the house.  This floor is a daily disaster.  Somebody is always busy doing something usually messy while I work with another sibling and they wait their turn for instruction.

Since we started school a good two weeks before our public school friends, our "no electronics" (TV, video games, computer games) rule during the week was in force.  So neighbor friends that came over weren't allowed too much video game time to their disappointment.  Funny how they decided to stick around anyways and do something "old-fashioned" like board games.  For hours.  And hours.  I was shooing kids out the door daily at dinner time.

The calendar's up.  But since I put it up halfway through August, I was lazy and skipped straight to September.  The 2nd is my birthday so maybe I'm just eager for cake.

Copious amounts of books have been read already.
This little area for busy work, creating and crafting is in full use.
I just love being back into a regular schedule and being home.  I was feeling so scattered there through the summer.  We didn't have time to get on any sort of rhythm at all.
Let the daily shenanigans commence.  This picture is supposed to be of reading time before bed.  Hmmm.

Lets embark on new adventures this year, shall we?

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