Sep 13, 2014

Cup of Joe

So two years ago I succumbed.  In a big way.  Total failure really.  I started drinking coffee.  
I made it through hours of study at college, early mornings with toddlers, early hours teaching at school with no coffee.    Why am I drinking it now?  I have no idea.  But I do know this: that I have no idea how I did all of that before without my wakey-wakey juice.  It's my morning treat.  I put some super unhealthy creamer in it (don't even knock it), and drink to my heart's content.  
The signal to start school for the day?  Momma is sitting down at the table with her full cup of Joe. Everyone knows at that point, I mean getting down to business. 
On the other hand, my daily treat is probably the one thing that I feel really really good about buying and sticking in the pantry.  Why?  About the time we started drinking coffee, my husband started ordering ours from Lanna.  It's delivered to our house and it's pretty good coffee.  It's not acidic at all and it's super tasty.  It's waaaaay better than Starbucks (which is now another habit of mine, FYI).  I know, this failure in healthy living snowballed pretty fast. Whatever. But besides all of that, we buy Lanna coffee because of work some people in our church are doing with this company.  

Do you know why Lanna exists?  Some visiting missionaries to the hillside tribes in Thailand noticed that the people there were desperately poor and were in the grip of drug cartels and human trafficking. They taught the people there to grow coffee, brought in clean water, provided education and now the tribes who grow the beans for Lanna are self-sustaining.  All because of some people with vision and a lot of love.  

So lots of times I feel guilty for wasting money on treats.  But not this time.  This time, I drink every little sip knowing that those little sips are going towards giving people great freedom.  Want to try some yourself?  Go to, read their story, and get yourself some!

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