Sep 21, 2014

Little Things

Today was a crazy day. If you don't know, I manage running the Sunday morning children's program for one of my church campuses. Victories were had, my nine o'clock service was fully staffed for the first time in weeks, but the next service was severely short-staffed and unfortunately the victory of the first was dwarfed by the exhaustion of running the second. I came home and slumped into the couch, grateful for neighbors and friends who had my kids over to play.  While I grab moments of purposeful reflection on Sundays, they generally aren't my day of rest. I looked over from my comfy cocoon on the couch to find teeny little flowers on my succulents. Some days are like that. God blesses with many beauties in the midst of everything else.

So here are some joyful moments grabbed with my iPhone this week. Two little girls were heard not sleeping. They were found under a blanket on the top bunk with a book light with big sis reading to little sis and giggling. Precious. So I let them alone. Never mind the peed bed I had to change in the morning because a certain little girl can't get down the ladder in the dark. I forgot about that.

It's just still stinkin really hot out. No fall weather in sight. But the boy and I did manage to grab a game Battleship right here on the front porch. That boys love language is quality time so I grab it when I can. Even if we're sweatin' on the front porch.
Hunter said he had to memorize a verse this week for youth group and it has to be his parents favorite. So I doodled it while waiting for a certain 2nd grader to stop dawdling on her phonics page. It was a good reminder to me that only three things were required of me and that is all. Do justice. Love mercy. Walk humbly with God. Keepin it simple.

I may or may not have made the bed on more than one occasion and kept up with laundry. Never mind the rest of the house.

Tomorrow is the first day of fall. While I don't think Cali got that memo yet, my house needs to get there stat. This display is SO last week and had to go. I'm still working on this side of the room but the other side is satisfactory now.
See? This side is now happily up to speed with the deer head picture rescued from a trash heap last year making its mantle comeback.

His mercies are new every morning. Great is your faithfulness O God. 

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