Nov 9, 2014

Of lazy mornings and pie

The other morning was a lazy, late, wake-up morning.  At some point my groggy four year old decided my bed was the place to be and by wake-up time, all three were snoozing up in my grill.  Tessa hasn't quite lost all her toddler chub yet and she burrows her soft little warm person up into my side for the night.  The other two are leggy and older and yet they still come in for the comfort of a warm family bed.  All was calm and quiet as it was our first foggy day outside and the morning light was very grey.  It struck me that this close family time can be a sacred moment while they are all still little enough to enjoy being tucked up close to a parent.  Even occasionally and every so often the ten year old.
So my last post revealed that I had been looking into the prayers and meditations of Benedict and other people who spent time in quiet and silence in God's presence.  However, this practice of silence often makes one imagine running away into the desert into isolation and escape from the daily pressures of social and relational living.  And I'm not really sure that the message of God's gospel love is to disengage from life and people.
I'm a mom with a busy schedule and job.  I homeschool.  I teach classes.
Things just got real.  A nice little desert trip to Palm Springs for reflection isn't EV-EH gunna happen for me.  So God had better be able to show up here for me too.  This learning to live in quiet doesn't mean that since monkhood isn't an option, the ship has sailed for me and chaos has become my middle name.  I think it is more of taking time to observe and appreciate the daily blessings that surely come even when life rages.

The girls wanted to make a pie.  While trying to grocery shop with three exuberant kids, I grabbed a roll-out pre-made pie crust and a can of filling and called it done.  Now I know that I actually have the best recipe for real crust and pie filling under the sun in my old recipe book, but the margin to make that in my life is about, oh, zero right now.
So Friday night saw us going crazy with the canned goods and making that fake-ish pie.  Complete with aprons and everything.  They were absolutely thrilled and the house still smelled amazing.  Tessa wore her usual tiger costume under her apron.  Standard uniform around here.
We made that pie.
Now this pie would never ever have won an award at any sort of country fair, and the girl's fork prints around the edges were wonky at best.  But let me tell you, that was a moment to appreciate time with them and enjoy the great smells that God invented.  Pie smell was one of His better ones I think.  Fake-ish or not.  Thank you Jesus for Friday night pies and time with my sweet girls.
And then today, there was a still a couple slices left.  After church today, during my Sunday rest time, I plopped that pie plate on my lap and enjoyed that pie blessing again.  

Here's the thing.  When I grab 15 to 20 minutes during the day to reflect on God and offer Him my day,  I am much more able to identify the sweet blessings during the day that He consistently gives me, dropped right down in the middle of chaotic, real, and all-consuming relational living.  He comes to me again and again and again with reminders of His love.  I do not have to escape to find Him, He is willing to come to me.

He'll remind me in the hush of a lazy morning when I inhale the sleepy smells of their hair and toddler skin pressed up close.  He reminds me in a "more rushed than I would like" moment of pie making.  He reminds me again and again of His presence.  He is close and accessible if I would only train myself to listen.  


  1. I wanted to write something similarly generic as the other comments, but I do love this post. I love it because the moment feels very real. As the craziness of motherhood is all around, you are still choosing to invest in your children and still taking a moment for God. Thanks for sharing.