Nov 24, 2014

The Saturday I realized I wasn't man enough

The weekend before last started out with a bang.  Or rather the opposite of that: a dead battery on Friday night.  I was supposed to go out with friends.  When I opened up the hood I saw a corroded battery and so what does a good independent girl do?  I put on my big girl pants and...called the hubby in Chicago. With some trepidation, I thought maybe I can handle this. I had to ask him how to jump start the car with our battery pack since I literally haven't had to do this since college. Lame.  I know that my parents did their job when I got my license and made sure I knew how to do that and change a tire, but I haven't really had to ever do THAT.  There has been almost 20 years between that lesson and now. Needless to say, jumping it did not work out and I was sitting there with a can of battery cleaner in the dark, kids still in the buckled up seats whining that they wanted to go, trying to decide if taking the cables off to get it clean and then putting it back together was something I could actually do.  I decided "nope".  Friday night, I succumbed to being a "girl" and we hustled back inside for movie night with hot chocolate.  The next day Tone sent over one of his friends and my great neighbor and his friend took the battery and nasty cable out, ran down and bought me new ones, and got me back on the road.  I paid him with bottles of Tone's homemade beer and a piece of pie.  Classy.

I apparently was feeling the hit of not being "man" enough, because within 10 minutes of getting my car working, Hunter was complaining about the hedge in the backyard attacking him as he swung on the swing.  We have been meaning to take this massive hedge out for the last couple of years since it is growing over the lawn and taking over the flower bed.  I eyeballed it and thought I would give it a leeeeetle trim.
Within the first hack of the hedge trimmer I realized:  Mistake.  It was going to have to be all or nothing since all the green was on the outside and a little trim left a huge bald brown spot.  So I went for it.  For two hours I hacked at that beast.  I had the ladder out and everything.  The whole lawn was twigs, leaves and branches.  Two hours later, I was defeated.  The beast won.   Currently, he is still sporting a brown bald top.  However, I could now see the fence and that was something I haven't seen in months! Here the finished atrocity as it currently looks.  Bwahahaha!

My arms couldn't even lift anymore.  I looked around and realized I probably still had an hour of clean up to do. It hurt to bend over just to stick the leaves in the trashcan.  I had once again tackled something that was not a "girl" job on my own.  Car and hedge were the clear winners, but I gave them a good solid shot.

Apparently, I am a slow learner sometimes about the power of community.  I almost never ask for help because I feel like I burden people.  I am usually quick to give, but slower to receive.  I am so grateful for those that took a morning to get my car working.
And that hedge?  I'm pretty sure I can't get that bald top off by myself.  That part is the hubby's job.
Sometimes I just want to be "man" enough.  Sometimes I'm just not.

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  1. Dealing with car issues drives me nuts. It makes me so very thankful that my dad is well versed and can usually get us out of trouble. The hedges are a different story and I'm impressed that you even attempted it! You go girl! Even if you weren't able to take it all the way down! :) Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving!