Nov 11, 2014

War games

Veterans day dawned dark, foggy and cold today.  On my way to work there was literally no visibility and the trees were dark sticks barely visible.  Currently, the kids are hunkered down with the neighbor kids over playing board games.  At first the boys were a little lost since we said no video games today. Daddy decided to break out Stratego and teach the boys to play.  It's all so very sweet and cozy and innocent.  The house is full of quiet children's chatter over who is attacking whom and who they lost on the board.
If only there was no war and the strategy of war could be only designated for children's board games.  As a parent, this is the closest you ever want your child to get to seeing war.  I want it confined to simple children's games.  But of course, if not my child, then whose?  Every soldier is valuable and not one is expendable, but yet there we are acknowledging that we depend on their volunteering to be expendable if it's asked.  The strategy of war plays with real people and lives and to this very real sacrifice we owe this afternoon of getting to sit down and safely play board games at home.
How does one even spend a day saying "thank you" adequately?  One can't, but one can acknowledge that the comfort of home, safety and family time is a reality because of what a veteran does and has done.  So we are holed up, enjoying the day, mindful of those we owe it to.  We are enjoying the simple moments because they are a gift and it seems that accepting and enjoying the gift is to give respect to those who gave it.  So, this is a very sincere and appreciative "Thank You" on Veteran's Day.  Soldier, if you are not yet home today because of the work you are doing, our prayer is that you come home soon.  

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