Jan 30, 2015

The Guestroom of sorts

So I had this craft room.  At least 3/4ths of the room was a craft room and the rest office with the computer and printers.  This craft room was mine. The only space in the house truly all mine, baby. All mine in it's messy, clutter-y, crafty goodness self.  And last week I got rid of it my craft space for a guest room.  Which had most people who knew me scratching their heads.
Because to quote myself, "I could never have a guest room.  I have my craft area."  or something like that.  I should probably never say things in statements anymore.

So now I have this guest room.  It was the oddest thing.  There I was, doing my daily Bible reading and BAM!  This sense comes to me that I have to have a guest room.  And it couldn't be a little space where I could throw down a blowup or squeeze in a twin.  Nope.  I had to have a real, honest to goodness full sized bed. Even the size of the bed was dictated to me.  DICTATED. Though I must admit, I spent some time in the office afterwards with a tape measure trying to get around it. I was calculating how much I would have to toss to get it in.  And whether the craft table was a deal breaker (it went).

I was reading about Elijah.  The part after the "still quiet voice" that everyone talks about.  The part where he states that he thinks he is alone.  That he is acting for God alone.  Then God tells him that he is not.  That there are a few thousand other people who follow God and that he'll give him a helper named Elisha.  Anyhow, I was struck by the way God works sometimes.  Sometimes He gives you the instructions, and doesn't tell you why or who is with you.  That part comes later.  And then BAM, I got some instructions and it was so clear, I almost could have sworn it was audible.

I clearly am not being asked to do anything crazy like Elijah.  I was just asked to give up the space in my home with "mine" stamped all over it.  There were no instructions as to WHO exactly was coming to this space.  Just instructions to make a space and see what happens.  Specifically, a space big enough for a couple.  Perhaps just our parents will ever use it when they come, but I sure hope God has a lot of people in mind who need a place.  So, not feeling even a little bit ridiculous, I loaded my craft stuff onto the brand new shelves my in-laws made in my laundry room and threw extra craft stuff away and made a space.  For absolutely NO ONE specific in mind.  If you knew how much the "craft blood" runs through my veins, you would scratch your head if you didn't know this little back story.

Here it is.  I put out a facebook post about asking for a full sized bed and my girl friend was just going to post her's on craigslist. For $50 I scored the whole thing.  And I knew that I would be using my wedding quilt on it and this bed just fits a quilt so well.  Right?  This bed just says "put a quilt on me."  I had a small table and the one thing I couldn't figure out where to store was my sewing machine.  The little table fit between the door and the bed with a half inch to spare so I got to keep my sewing machine up.  It's the little graces people.  Bless you forever and ever amen, you little half inch.

Also, I left my Narnia and Middle Earth map up. This book nerd will not remove them.  So there. You get my bed AND the shared enjoyment of my love of maps. How could this not be a win for the guest?  I also have a California print that's super cute and a St. Thomas island treasure map.  The cork board was my old inspiration board filled with odds and ends above my desk.  I threw something up there for now that would work above the headboard while I mull over what to do with it.
What is it currently?
Guys, I don't know!
It seemed good at the time and I'm not going to dissect it.
Forgo the closeup.
My girls have moved in.  They found the new charge strip I put next to the bed and have decided to charge their tablet there. Hey, that's for guests! Sharesies I guess. 
Sidenote: They are currently fighting over who gets to take turns sleeping in said new massive bed each night.  Hunter for the win tonight.  They'll shove out again for guests.
 I had a lot of vintage fabric with which I made some triangle banners and covered some throw pillows. That ampersand pillow I made a while ago. I also covered up the bland lamp shade.  The quilts I had were red and blue so that kind of dictated the colors of the room.  As in, the quilt was already mine and the only option suitable, so blue and red it is.

The space directly across from the bed and door is still our office area.  I redid the curtains in red and blue and put up some artwork posters.  The wifi password is displayed in the window in case they need to use it.
At the end of the bed is still a shelf with all of my fabrics and sewing notions in it.  I'd be lying if I said I dumped everything.  I mean I did dump stuff, but shoot, I kept a heck of a lot too.  It was open and cluttered so I just covered it with fabric for now.  This room is still, for most of the time, an office and creative space.  However, I never thought I would fit in a bed and make it work and behold, here we are.
Below is a picture of the whole room.  The closet is to the left and I am taking the picture from the doorway.  This picture was taken with poor lighting, but you get the idea.  It's an office too and there's no way to get around that.
I mean, the mismatched shelves and desk all work so well together.  What? It's a strain on the eyes?  Oh, well lets just drape some fabric, pretend it's not clipped up and call it pretty.  Maybe even cozy.  I've heard the current trend is mismatched furniture and not sets.
I know.
Go ahead.
Call me, HGTV!
 I covered my little table with a large piece of vintage fabric so you couldn't see the bin I have stored underneath.  Again, diversion and the "fabric draped" tactic.   It's probably an overused decor style over here. Then I topped that with an embroidered tablecloth.  
Drape all the things in layers!
My sewing machine is covered with fabric from the 70's. I just love it and it's so cute it's worth displaying.
Next to the bed I put a little tray with toiletries from all of Tone's travels.  We have TONS and this is a fun way to get to use a few of them.  I had an old alarm clock and I put out a box of kleenex. I put a double over-the-door hook and put a couple of thick blue towels on them so guests won't have to wonder which towel is there's or where to hang it up.  The bathroom is just next door.  I'm calling this fabric layer draped room done.
So where did my craft table go?  Well here is a quick phone pic snap.  We now have an honest to goodness school room complete with a full table for spreading out school books and crafts.  This is actually working out great since the kids no longer need a large floor space for playing but they do need a large table space for all of their interests, drawing, crafts and school work.  Which they clearly have utilized in this pic, and have every single day since I set it up. Which also means, this room will never have a clean pretty picture snapped of it either.  Blog worthy pics: overrated.  So for now, it's a win all the way around.
So now I'm just waiting to see who will show up.  Who's going to use this guest room?

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